HVAC WiFi Controlled Products

Add Smart Control to your current Daikin AC System! Enjoy the ultimate control in HVAC systems. Boost your energy efficiency wherever you are.


Mini Split/Ductless Systems

With the addition of a Wireless Interface Adapter on the indoor unit(s) of the AC system, you can use your tablet or smartphone to access your Daikin system via the internet on the Daikin Comfort Control App.

Now available for mini split systems. See linked information for compatibility to your system.


View Daikin Comfort Control App Brochure


VRV Systems

The DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor enables the remote control of your Daikin indoor units through an iOS/Android App.

With the app, the DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor provides remote control and monitoring of indoor units ON/OFF, mode, set-point, fan speed, room temperature and error alert status from an iOS/Android smartphone.

Voice control is also possible through Google Assistance and Amazon Alexa.

Link your DKN Cloud NA account and detect your device to start using the Skill in the Alexa app, do not forget to name the device to control it.


Control the on / off of the zone:

  • Alexa, turn on the kitchen.
  • Alexa, turn off the kitchen.


Change the operation mode:

  • Alexa, set the living room to cool.
  • Alexa, set the living room heat.
  • Alexa, set the living room to auto.


Increase or decrease the temperature:

  • Alexa, increase the bedroom by 2 degrees.
  • Alexa, decrease the bedroom by 2 degrees.
  • Alexa, set the bedroom to 72 degrees.
  • Alexa, what is the bedroom set to?

View DKN Cloud Wi-Fi Adaptor Brochure